Harmony Science Academy a Gulen Charter School

Harmony Science Academy in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are under the Cosmos Foundation. The Cosmos Foundation ran by Turkish Nationals who are known members of the Gulen Movement have abused many state and federal laws. Cosmos is the largest abuser of H1-B Visas for foreign teachers than the largest school district in America. Scratch your head and wonder why the Gulen Movement is getting away with reverse discrimination? Texas money crosses over state lines to support the other Gulen Managed charter schools, this is WRONG!! DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed bogus copyright infringement rights to UTUBE

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gulen Movement websites all 148 come from IP address in Texas, they even share their server with PORN


The internet is an omnipresent and powerful tool in their mission

Although it can turn into an evil instrument in the hand of 'non-believers', the Gülen movement very well knows how to use the internet for their own purpose. The movement currently runs about over a hundred different websites that form the core of their internet activities, in several languages and different approaches aiming at various groups of audiences worldwide. On many of these sites readers are asked to contact and react. It does take a quite a professional and well organized PR-department to keep that all functioning up to date.
Still the movement denies that there is any structure linking all the organisations that supposedly are only 'inspired' by the teachings of their hoca (master). A surprising coincidence for such a number of 'only loosely affiliated' 'groups and individuals' is that their about one hundred core websites are all hosted on one server in Houston, Texas, originally run by a company called The Planet Inc. (theplanet.com) in Dallas, Texas that was recently taken over by Softlayer (softlayer.com).
We have listed the 148 sites here and suggest that you take a look at them yourself. See the very cleaverly developped variety in approaches to the same subject. From more philosphical to heavy-metal (wsatan.com) with content varying from theological theories by the masters hand to pragmatic answers to questions fellow muslim-believers might have about what is allowed and what not in daily life (pearls.org), or another Quran translation (mquran.org), most of it is in English and Turkish. The site fgulen.com is again subdivided into 23 sites offering slightly adjusted content to worldwide audiences in different languages from French and German to Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean,Russian and more.

The Gülen movements 148 websites sharing the same server and IP-adres
.en.fgulen.com. • fethullahgulen.biz • fethullahgulen.com • fethullahgulen.org • fethullahgulenmovement.org • fgulen.biz • fgulen.cc • fgulen.com • fgulen.mobi • fgulen.net • fgulen.org • gulenmovement.org • m-fgulen.com • m-fgulen.info • m-fgulen.net • m-fgulen.org • mfethullahgulen.info • mfethullahgulen.net • mfethullahgulen.org • tr.fgulen.com • asringetirdigitereddutler.net • bbible.org • cagvenesil.net • creationorwhat.org • de.fgulen.com • dislam.org • en.fgulen.com • eseeds.org • etlife.org • fasildanfasila.net • fethullahgulen.biz • fethullahgulen.com • fethullahgulen.org • fethullahgulenmovement.net • fethullahgulenmovement.org • fgulen.biz fgulen.cc • fgulen.com • fgulen.mobi • fgulen.net • gulenmovement.net • gulenmovement.org hikmet.net • inancingolgesinde.net • infinitelight.org • irsadekseni.net • islamgercegi.org • islamnedir.org • kalbinzumruttepeleri.net • kirikmizrap.net • kirikmizrap.org • kislam.org • kurandanidrakeyansiyanlar.net • lastbook.orgloveandtolerance.ne • m-fgulen.com • m-fgulen.info • m-fgulen.net • m-fgulen.org • mail.asringetirdigitereddutler.net • mail.bbible.org • mail.cagvenesil.net • mail.creationorwhat.org • mail.eseeds.org • mail.etlife.org • mail.fasildanfasila.net • mail.fethullahgulen.biz • mail.fethullahgulen.org • mail.fethullahgulenmovement.org • mail.fgulen.biz • mail.fgulen.cc • mail.fgulen.mobi • mail.fgulen.net • mail.fgulen.org • mail.gulenmovement.org • mail.inancingolgesinde.net • mail.infinitelight.org • mail.irsadekseni.net • mail.islamgercegi.org • mail.islamnedir.org • mail.kalbinzumruttepeleri.net • mail.kirikmizrap.net • mail.kirikmizrap.org • mail.kislam.org • mail.kurandanidrakeyansiyanlar.net • mail.lastbook.org • mail.loveandtolerance.net • mail.m-fgulen.com • mail.m-fgulen.info • mail.m-fgulen.net • mail.mfethullahgulen.info • mail.mfethullahgulen.net • mail.mfethullahgulen.org • mail.mislam.org • mail.mlife.org • mail.mquran.org • mail.muslimway.org • mail.olcuveyayoldakiisiklar.net • mail.ruhumuzunheykelinidikerken.net • mail.slife.info mail.sonsuznur.net • mail.theholybook.org • mail.wsatan.com • mfethullahgulen.info • mfethullahgulen.net • mfethullahgulen.org • mislam.org • mlife.org • mquran.org muslimway.org • ns1.m-fgulen.com • ns2.m-fgulen.com • olcuveyayoldakiisiklar.net • pearls.org • ruhumuzunheykelinidikerken.net • slife.infosonsuznur.net • support.fethullahgulen.biz • support.fethullahgulen.org • support.fethullahgulenmovement.org • support.fgulen.biz • support.fgulen.cc • support.fgulen.com • support.fgulen.mobi • support.fgulen.net • support.fgulen.org • support.gulenmovement.org • support.m-fgulen.com • support.m-fgulen.info • support.m-fgulen.net • support.m-fgulen.org • support.mfethullahgulen.info • support.mfethullahgulen.net • support.mfethullahgulen.org • svida.comtheholybook.org • tr.fgulen.com • wsatan.comwww.dislam.org • www.en.fgulen.com • www.fethullahgulen.org • www.fgulen.com • www.fgulen.net • www.fgulen.org • www.hikmet.net • www.kirikmizrap.org • www.theholybook.org • www.tr.fgulen.com
The surprising 'immoral' websites that are Fethullah's neighbours
This is how Softlayer describes itself: "Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SoftLayer delivers world-class, on-demand virtual data center services on a global basis from facilities located in Dallas, TX; Seattle, WA; and Washington, DC. SoftLayer integrates all facets of IT to innovate industry-leading solutions that are fully automated. This empowers customers with complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management for their IT environment."
Softlayer.inc advertises itself as the biggest international internetprovider in 'dedicated' hosting, which means companies can have their own private servers there.
Softlayer also hosts a very large number of sex-related websites offering 'adult content. A google-search for 'theplanet.com + sex' gives over 700.000 million hits, 'softlayer.com + sex' shows 1500.000 results most of them leading to websites of so-called 'adult content'. Without opening, just from their names you know what they are about. It is obvious that the movement here left its pious muslim standards aside in return for a reliable and technically advanced hosting facility. The value of advanced worldwide digital network access seems to be ranked higher than their own published moral standards.

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