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Harmony Science Academy in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are under the Cosmos Foundation. The Cosmos Foundation ran by Turkish Nationals who are known members of the Gulen Movement have abused many state and federal laws. Cosmos is the largest abuser of H1-B Visas for foreign teachers than the largest school district in America. Scratch your head and wonder why the Gulen Movement is getting away with reverse discrimination? Texas money crosses over state lines to support the other Gulen Managed charter schools, this is WRONG!! DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed bogus copyright infringement rights to UTUBE

Sunday, September 18, 2011

American Football legion Deion Sanders approved for 2 charter schools PRIME U Academy, Texas

Deion Sanders Truth Academy try outs- Dallas
American Football Champ approved for 2 charter schools

Our boys from Turkey have some real competition in Dallas !! You can't get more American than football
"No jewelry, no earrings, no profanity," he says of house rules for his camp. "They have to go to Bible study. It's about respect."
Established players including Champ Bailey, Chad Johnson and Donte' Stallworth are among NFL veterans who have worked with Sanders during the off seasons; he expects several will lend a hand with the draft hopefuls.
Despite the politics in play, former Dallas Cowboy superstar and athlete, Deion Sanders, was able to overcome his celebrity status to make a victory tweet that his  charter school application for "Prime Prime Prep Academy,"  in DFW was approved Friday, September 16. The name of his academy is a play on the name everyone who knew Deion will recognize, "Prime Time"  Sanders.
Sanders was jubilant, announcing on Twitter and  friends such as SnoopDogg quickly added their  shout-outs :
Misgivings, regarding the celebrity of the star,  and his endeavor to establish a charter school with  two campuses in the Forth Worth area for between 650 and 1,000 students at each - came from both Republicans and Democrats with Mavis Knight, D-Dallas,  acknowledging that she had to "wrestle with myself to keep from penalizing opportunities for students because of the celebrity involved" but adding that she was  hopeful that "there are probably more resources" coming to the students because of it, reported the Texas Tribune.
A little farther from home,  Republican Thomas Ratliff,  who represents Mount Pleasant, made  the caustic remark that  he didn't want to see  the charter application process evolve into  a "celebrity-of-the-month club."
In the end, Sanders' dream of  a charter school which would tie education and sports together for K-12, prevailed.  Read how Sanders described his inspiration and hopes for the charter school to the Dallas Morning News.

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