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Harmony Science Academy in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are under the Cosmos Foundation. The Cosmos Foundation ran by Turkish Nationals who are known members of the Gulen Movement have abused many state and federal laws. Cosmos is the largest abuser of H1-B Visas for foreign teachers than the largest school district in America. Scratch your head and wonder why the Gulen Movement is getting away with reverse discrimination? Texas money crosses over state lines to support the other Gulen Managed charter schools, this is WRONG!! DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed bogus copyright infringement rights to UTUBE

Friday, June 10, 2011

Soner Tarim of the Gulen Movement writes a letter to the parents of Harmony Science Academy

Picture of Soner Tarim as he shows the reporter and NY Times staff around the expensive Harmony Science facilities.

We thought Soner was going to have a moment of honesty and finally admit his lifelong connections to the Gulen Movement from the time he was a young boy studying at one of Gulen's "lighthouses".  Soner has disappointed us all and continues down the wrong path of lying about the OBVIOUS strong ties to the Gulen Movement and the numerous Gulen NGOs in Texas.  They are ALL interrelated, but what do you expect from a man that continues to lie about the so-called waiting list, it increases 9,000-40,000.  Poor Soner, the schools will continue to downslide if he doesn't "come clean" with American Tax payers, wait till Soner et al request more bond financing.  My sources tell us that they have already spent the last $90 million like irresponsible drunk Turkish sailors.
To the Harmony Public Schools Community:
A disappointing article on charter schools in this week’s New York Times attempts to put Harmony Public Schools in Texas in a context that is not accurate, necessitating this brief response. Many of us at Harmony Schools cooperated extensively with the Times on this story over the last several months, providing documents, interviews, tours and dozens of detailed responses to specific questions in good faith.  But, as sometimes happens, the end result was not entirely what we had hoped.   If this is not the truth that was printed why doesn't Soner sue the NY Times?  After all suing the media or jailing them is a favorite past time of the Gulen Movement.   Read your WORDS Soner, you provided documents, interviews, tours and responses.  
  • Repeating an old  accurate story, the article alleges connections where there are none many. As we told the Times reporter repeatedly, Harmony Schools do not teach religion and have no affiliation with Fetullah Gulen or the so-called Gulen movement  yet the article repeatedly states and implies that such an affiliation exists, based on a composite of innuendo, circumstantial evidence and rumors.Admission in the PBS Article, Harmony participates in the SAME brand of Turkish Olympiads that over 500 Gulen Schools participate in.  This approach is disappointing, but perhaps not surprising, since the absence of a connection is not “news.”  The facts are clear:  We do not teach religion at all and we are not affiliated with any movement.   Soner, your connections to the Gulen Movement are obvious even Ray Charles could see it.  Soner Tarim is even on the board of the Gulen Insitute, Soner has made countless references to Fethullah Gulen being influential on his decision to open the schools.  Check out on this blog the Texas Monthly article.  Ms. Saul put together an extensive hierarchy list of Gulen NGOs and how they are all tied back to Gulen. Let us refresh your memory here is the posting and original articles cited for PBS and your layers of local Gulen front groups:
  • The article also questions whether “the schools are using taxpayer money to benefit the Gulen movement.” Since we have no affiliation with the Gulen movement, it is absurd and inaccurate for the Times to suggest that taxpayer funds are benefitting them.  At Harmony Public Schools of Texas, taxpayer funds are used solely to support operations and educate students, and we do so at a superior level and a lower cost per student than non-charter public schools.  Harmony is not superior just because Soner says so.  They are below standard as the schools in Turkey are, they do nothing well except promote the schools via Marketing, Public Relations and advertising.  Harmony (Cosmos) spends a huge amount on promoting the schools, they even have TV commercials.  Why would you need to advertise so much if you have a "so-called" waiting list?  Karen Hughes is very expensive but not even she can save you from your lies. 
  • With regard to contracts and purchasing, we use a bidding or procurement process set out by the state of Texas, and Harmony Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of gender, national origin, ethnicity, religion, or disability in its programs, employment, admissions or selection of vendors. A range of factors, including price, product availability, and demonstrated ability to deliver are evaluated in selecting vendors, and all the criteria for “best value” have to be met, not just low price.  The NY Times Article forgot to mention the Turkish operated painting company you paid $3 million to.  Rainbow Painting, interestingly their address is a house in a residential neighborhood--nice keeping it all in the family.
  • Finally, the article contains a clear anti-immigrant bias, and suggests that Harmony, one of the most successful charter school programs in the country, is somehow suspect because our founders immigrated to America from Turkey. As you all know, Harmony was founded by Turkish-Americans who saw a need and an opportunity to help Texas schoolchildren in the fields of math, science and technology, and we are proud of our heritage and of what we have accomplished. Importantly, our schools have become more diverse every year, and we will continue to diversify as we continue to grow. It was not anti-immigrant or anti-Moslem, this is your ONLY defense?  To gloss over your BEHAVIORS and ACTIONS by crying "victim"  Soner you don't win because many of us are Islam and we are watching your behaviors.  You on the other hand are discriminating against Americans, women and American culture every day.  Care to discuss Crouch vs. Harmony Science Academy?  Talk about your behaviors and be accountable show some of that Turkish Character you teach American students.
  • The bottom line is that Harmony Public School operations and business practices in Texas are overseen and audited by the Texas Education Agency and, like every other state charter school in Texas, Harmony follows and complies with all applicable state laws and regulations. As we told the Times, at no time during our 10-year history has the Texas Education Agency found Harmony Schools to be out of compliance with state regulations.  Correct and TEA has been asleep at the wheel with little resources to oversee your group of bandits.  9 auditors for 500 schools we are underfunded and your group is taking advantage of this oversight. (for now)
Sadly, the impressive achievements of Harmony students - the real measure of success for any school – were barely mentioned in the article, despite being provided to the Times.   You mean like glossing over the arrest of the pervert you hired at the Waco campus that was arrested for diddling an underage student?  Or perhaps successfully paying off the rape victim at your Tulsa Dove Science Academy campus.    Shame on your Soner.  Tell the truth.
We have sent a brief Letter to the Editor to the Times, and we encourage you to post your comments on the article on the Times website at: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/07/education/07charter.html 
 Here is a few more postings with their original articles cited to refresh your memory about your constant reference to Gulen and Harmony Science Schools.  Maybe you should go back to working at the Fish Hatchery after all fish swim in "schools" perhaps you were confused about having experience with "schools"  
Finally, if you have any questions or concerns about Harmony Schools or issues raised in the Times article, please contact me directly at 713-343-3333, ext. 205.  Recorded message for the Cosmos Foundation a Gulenist ran front group that manages the schools as Concept Schools, Daisy Education and Willow Education do.  You fool no one.  America wins, Gulen Movement loses.  Yes, Soner there will be MANY more questions and it won't stop until you are proud to admit your affiliation with Gulen and not ashamed of this.  Stand tall brother, stand tall and be proud!!!  We still stand by our offer to pay for that deposition and you will swear that there is no connections to the obvious.  Till then we remain watchful.
Dr. Soner Tarim, CEO/Superintendent of Schools
Board member, Gulen Institute Houston, Texas
Harmony Public Schools


  1. you are wrong ''http://harmonyparenttruth.blogspot.com''

    you know,
    this website is a hate and lie website.

    I will report this website.

    First this website and this websites' founders need to stop this internet crimes.

    this website and this websites' founders are always talikng about such kind of things such as in this website.
    however, they are totally pointless and baseless.

    Thanks if you read my post.

    1. 8 months and you haven't reported our web site? Can't hide from truth brother and besides the authorities in the USA are not bought off or infiltrated (yet) by your Hizmet lies and thugs.

  2. No hate and most definetely "lies" everything has a sourced site, most are Soner's own words, public information, IRS returns, charter applications and other governmental documentation.
    You go ahead and report this website, and see if this is like Turkey. We respect journalists and the truth. Something you obviously have not learned about America we value "Freedom of Speech".
    What is pointless and baseless about tax returns, Soner's involvment with the Gulen Institute, or his factual statement that the teachings of Fethullah Gulen have influenced him greatly.
    You and your group get caught up in lies then cannot keep consistent with what you say or don't say. When we quote you, it is taken from public documents like board meetings or the newspaper. The TRUTH is never pointless and baseless.
    Mehmet, your brand of Gulen "inspired" schools don't belong in America. You will not win.
    And you are most welcome, we will read and post your postings anytime. Sorry you were probably conned by the group to work in America and finding out you were lied to about many things.
    Get out while you can....till then another moment of being part of "Hizmet"
    "it is interesting to note that Gulen was jailed for seven months and then banned from Turkey in the 1980s for secretly teaching Islam to students. Then again in 1998 their Supreme court charged him with undermining the secular Turkish state and seeking to establish an Islamic one. consequently, he left Turkey for the United States supposedly for health care, but remains here today in Pennsylvania operating his worldwide orgranization. As an exampble of an outward gesture with a secret agenda, Gulenists gave an Iftar, the meal celebrating the culmination of Ramadan, on Capitol Hill under the platform of tolerance and peace. The year 2009 marked the fourth annual Iftar celbration among Congress. Will Gulen or his follower, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, give a Christmas party at the Parliament in Turkey or would he give an Easter dinner at the Parliament with Parliamentarians supporting this Christian celebration? The answer is a resounding, "NO"


    What are you going to do when Fetos leaves America and leaves you and your Hizmet out to hang?
    Nothing like getting thrown under the bus.

  4. To the writers of this blog - take your hatred of decent hard-working people elsewhere along with your pack of lies. Here you can read in full Dr. Tarim's response to allegations regarding H1-B visas. In the recent nationwide newspaper article, issues surround the issuance of H1B Visa’s were mentioned. How do you respond to these allegations?
    Answer: Dr. Tarim responded to the published information with the following statement.
    Your article contains some information about the H1B process and the number of foreign workers we employ. The article mentioned that Cosmos Foundation had 505 H-1B visas certified in 2010. Cosmos Foundation had 505 certified Labor Condition Applications (LCA) (not H-1B applications). Because the immigration laws are complicated, many people confuse the Labor Condition Application (LCA) process with H-1B visa petition. I would like to take this opportunity to provide some background on H-1B petitions and Labor Condition Application (LCA) processes.
    The Labor Condition Application or LCA is a pre-requisite step to an H-1B petition. The LCA, Form-9035, which can be filed electronically with free of charge, contains basic information about the proposed H-1B employment such as rate of pay, period of employment, and work location. LCA is filed with the Department of Labor whereas H-1B petitions are filed to and adjudicated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) centers under the Department of Homeland Security. Each time an H-1B petition is filed with USCIS, it must be accompanied by a certified LCA. However, filing an LCA does not always result in an H-1B application. A new LCA should be filed each time an employee is transferred from one location to another (no H1B filing required), the position is amended, or H-1B is renewed. It is very likely for a company to file multiple LCAs for one single employee (due to, for example, promotion, change in job duties, change in location, renewal, etc.).
    Each year, Department of Labor Foreign Labor Certification Data Center discloses LCA data. In Fiscal Year 2010, Cosmos Foundation had 505 LCAs certified. This number, by any means, does not represent the number of H-1B workers Cosmos hired in 2010. During Fiscal Year 2010, we recruited 112 foreign workers. We currently employ over 1550 individuals and the number of all H-1B workers –not just those hired in 2010– is less than 20%.All of these workers possess a degree in mathematics, science, technology, or a related field. There are public schools in the nation employing more H1B workers than Cosmos. For example, Prince George’s County Public Schools in Upper Marlboro, MD who filed only 237 LCAs in Fiscal Year 2010 has more than 1,000 H1B workers.
    Unlike traditional public schools, we have campuses located in 16 different cities. Each time an employee is transferred from one Campus to another, a new LCA should be filed (no H1B petition is required). On the other hand, Dallas Independent School District campuses, for example, are all in one geographic region and there is no need to file a separate LCA for such situations. This results in relatively low number of LCA filings.

    For readers who are interested in reading about the truth of Harmony Schools please visit:

    1. American tax payers go to http://www.myvisajobs.com and search for free.

      Click on H1-b Visa at the top of page.
      Then to the left where it states Employer
      type in Cosmos Foundation.

      You will be shocked at the amount of visas they have applied for.

      No lies here, this is public information for Americans. It's called transparency, maybe you and your group should try it sometime.

    2. In total we are talking about a number exceeding 3400 for only 1 establishment in 12 years. I have a hard time believing that there is any other like it.

  5. P.S. Soner and Alp we still will pay for that deposition so you can tell the truth under oath. How about it?

  6. Is this Soner writing or his wife? I hear he likes brown sugar. LOL Nothng like a Black muslim big mouth woman for your wife. Soner doesn't even have a degree in education.

  7. This organization is a virus spreading uncontrollably. American public and officials are so gullible to believe in these crooks. This illegal gulen movement have a single agenda: proliferation of ISLAM and SERIAT. But gulen movement knows how to disguise their true face and they're expert on it. All of it's Turkish administration officials and teachers are brain washed since they're little children by fethullah gulen's ideas, doctrines and they're very dangerous to the society they operate in. If you do not share their perverted ideas, you will never be allowed to be part of their network. They apply their tried and true strategy that worked in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and many other countries to the children of America.
    They brain wash them with islamic ideas,many of which are not supported by Quran, and eventually they steer these brainwashed souls into the key positions in judicial system, police and government. The process can take 60 to 70 years but is very gradual and very hard to detect by unsuspecting American public/officials. If left unchecked, this group
    will be the biggest threat to America in the next 50-70 years.

    American education system does not need these brain washed idiots wasting their hard earned taxpayer's money. These schools should be immediately abolished and the administrators should be sent to jail for deceiving the American Public.

    1. Thank you anonymous you bring up some good points. In many ways the Gulenists (Cemaat) are victims themselves. Separated from their families and put into Gulen boarding schools (Lighthouses) they know nothing else but to be loyal servants to Gulen ..Not Allah Not Muhammed but Gulen. If that isn't a cult what is. Their only purpose in life is to grow the share of business of the movement it's valued in the billions soon it's assets will be taken by the USA IRS and the Turkish government - confiscated and hopefully given to the families of 7/15 martyred victims.