Harmony Science Academy a Gulen Charter School

Harmony Science Academy in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are under the Cosmos Foundation. The Cosmos Foundation ran by Turkish Nationals who are known members of the Gulen Movement have abused many state and federal laws. Cosmos is the largest abuser of H1-B Visas for foreign teachers than the largest school district in America. Scratch your head and wonder why the Gulen Movement is getting away with reverse discrimination? Texas money crosses over state lines to support the other Gulen Managed charter schools, this is WRONG!! DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed bogus copyright infringement rights to UTUBE

Friday, January 21, 2011

Harmony Science Academy- Another Fluff piece in Houston's PBS - Cosmos, Raindrop Turkish House,Turquoise Council et al further admission of Harmony's links to Gulen

January 21st, 2011
The Gülen Movement

LUCKY SEVERSON, correspondent: His name is Fethullah Gülen. He is a 69-year-old Turkish Islamic scholar and author, apparently in poor health, who came to the US seeking medical treatment. He lives a secluded life at a retreat in Pennsylvania. So why was he voted by his admirers in a survey by Foreign Policy magazine as the most significant intellectual in the world? Among those admirers are Kemal Oksuz and Alp Aslandogan. Correction Lucky, Gulen is no scholar and has a 5th grade education.  No admirers except the Gulen Movement who has a voting and letter writing campaign going on to further Hizmet.
KEMAL OKSUZ (President, Gulen NGO Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians): Kind, modest, humble, generous. We see him as a source of information, inspiration, but never prophet. He would be the one who would be troubled the most if he hears that followers or inspirers see him kind of prophet. Kemal has never met Gulen as the exiled leader of the movement lives as a prisoner on his 25 acre compound in PA.
ALP ASLANDOGAN (Institute for Interfaith Dialogue): Personally, he is definitely very knowledgeable, very sincere in wanting the best for the people—not just Turkey, but for all humanity. Not knowledgeable about life outside of Islam, as Gulen has never lived among others and only has a 5th grade education.  Not sincere, Gulen wants domination of the world and Turkey - Please note the Islamic Flag of Turkey next to Texas and America's Flag in front of an American Tax supported School.  The one thing Gulen and his movement want to do is promote Turkishness and Islam as acceptable to young children worldwide.  Nice Try Aslandogan, do you want to talk about your recent talk with Dr. Joshua Hendricks and why the Harmony Science Academy and other Gulen Charter Schools should come clean?
SEVERSON: Gülen has inspired his followers to build schools, provide humanitarian aid and engage in interfaith dialogue. University of Houston Professor Helen Ebaugh, who wrote a book on the Gülen movement says the movement got its start when Gülen was an imam in Turkey. Lukewarm admission
of the Schools affliation, remember Dr. Ebaugh is a paid speaker and researcher for Gulen.  Dr. Ebaugh (See Video Below) has stated "Gulen has 25 Schools in Texas, they are Charter schools and they are causing problems."
post01-gulenPROFESSOR HELEN EBAUGH (Dept. of Sociology, University of Houston; Author of “The Gülen Movement”): When Fethullah Gülen began preaching in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s in Turkey, his message was we don’t need more madrassas. We need schools that would promote science and math and secular subjects, and his contention was that one can be modern and one can be scientific and still be a good Muslim.  What is your point Dr. Ebaugh?  The schools are hardly performing well.  Turkey was 32 out of 34 countries in the OCED Education ranking - BELOW AVERAGE above Chile and Mexico.  If these Gulen Charter Schools are not about Islam and gaining Turkish sympathizers, then take down the Turkish Flag and stop the Turkish Character Classes and Turkish Olympiad.  American money should not be paying for this. 
SEVERSON: Bill Martin is a senior fellow in religion and public policy at the James Baker Institute at Rice University. He says the Gülen movement is different from fundamentalist Islam because they respect all faiths and believe religion is compatible with science. Religion is compatible with science?  Then why does Turkey perform so low on worldwide Math, Technology and Science Scores?  Why are the Gulen Charter Schools only earning awards at Gulen Foundations/institution OWNED contests like: Science Olympiad, Math Matters, Consef, Turkish Olympiad and more.  It is hard to lose an award or honor when the Gulen Movement is sponsoring it. 
WILLIAM MARTIN (Senior Fellow, James Baker Institute at Rice University): I think it’s fair to say that Islam has had difficulty in coming to terms with modernity, and in that I think that the Gülen movement offers a much more positive picture of what Islam can be.  The Gulen Movement is loosely based on Sufism, this is not the majority in Turkey - Sunnis is.  The Gulen Movement has proven no positive picture and is currently under investigation in Turkey for 194 counts. 
SEVERSON: Gülen-inspired volunteers from Turkey bring Turkish language and culture with them. In Houston they sponsor a Turkish Olympiad where American Harmony Science Academy students compete in Turkish dance and song. The winners compete in an annual competition in Ankara, Turkey. There are more than a 1000 Gülen-inspired schools and universities in over 100 countries. American tax Dollars pay for this
MARTIN: Gülen has always emphasized education, and that really lies at the core of this movement. To be a good Muslim meant to be well educated, and to be a good Muslim who participated in modernity meant to be conversant and well educated in science, math, and technology.
post02-gulenOKSUZ: Education helps you overcome ignorance, poverty, corruption, hate, extremism, racism, whatever, all the illnesses of the society. Because of that education is very important. Oksuz HONESTY is also important - not "Keeping Secrets" as instructed by Gulen.
SEVERSON: In Texas there are 33 nationally recognized public charter schools with over 16,000 students grades K through 12. They’re called Harmony schools, and the Turkish superintendent insists they are strictly secular and in no way connected to Gülen. They are all connected to Gulen and the teachers brought in From Turkey and other Turkic countries have two criterias 1- Must be a member of Hizmet (mostly men) 2- Had gone to one of Gulen's schools in Turkey.  All are KNOWN members of the Gulen Movement.  Why do you think this article is mentioning Gulen and the Harmony Science Academies?  DUH?  Professor Ebaugh says there’s a reason for this kind of sensitivity.
EBAUGH: I think a lot of that is related to the Islamophobia that exists in this country. I think there is a lot of fear that Islam is trying to take hold of this country and countries around the world—that it’s trying to spread itself. Not Islamophobia it is the lack of transparency and accountabilty that the schools are in fact part of the Gulen Movements worldwide grand ambition.  Although after this article you have made it clear there is a definate connection. 
SEVERSON: About 60 percent of the kids in the Texas Harmony schools come from disadvantaged neighborhoods. The schools say they have a 100 percent graduation rate. No wonder there are 21,000 kids on the waiting list.  Severson, look below the December 2009 board meeting Soner Tarim is quoted in print as saying the waiting list is 9,000-14,000 Soner has never quantified this.  Are we to understand that the Harmony Schools current enrollment is 16,000 YET their is a waiting list that exceeds enrollment of 21,000?
Or is this another of the selling tools used to get more uneducated parents to sign up under sense of urgency?  Personally I have never spoke to ONE parent that had to wait to get their child enrolled at Harmony Science Academy.  Prove it.  This is Soner's way of trying to get more American Tax Education money. 
MARTIN: I think the Harmony schools are an outstanding example of what the Gülen followers have been able to accomplish in particular with respect to education. Of the three high schools that had graduating seniors this year, only three students had not already been admitted to a four-year college at the time of graduation.  This is not true, first of all the 12th grade always is the lowest amount at the Harmony Schools, the drop out rate from Harmony is between 1-3 years.  Hardly any way the schools can tell if they are making an impact or not.  As a rule these schools are known for fudging on tests, and other data to keep the flow of American money coming in. 
PHOEBE TAYLOR (Teacher, Harmony School of Innovation): I know teachers who stay up here seven o’clock at night, eight o’clock at night who are also working at night from home.  Ask Phoebe how many years she has been teaching and how many years she has spent at Harmony School of Innovation?
post03-gulenCHUCK LAMBERT (Teacher, Harmony School of Innovation): They know our expectations for them. Through kindergarten all the way through high school, they know this is a college school. Our goal is to get you into college.  Chuck is also a newer teacher and the 10-12th grade enrollment numbers are always the lowest.  How convenient that they have some non-Turkish teachers quoted.  So talk about the American teachers that are canned to make room for the over 400 H1-B Visa teachers and other "workers" that Cosmos is bringing in. 
SHARON QUINILTY (Teacher, Harmony School of Innovation): I have never worked harder. But you really see the results. Because the parents are very involved, the kids really respond.  Sharon was that you that wrote a letter to the Texas Tribune see below. 
OKSUZ: Gülen—not only he urges teachers to go and work at these schools, on the other hand he urges people from all walks of life to go and support all these schools. Build up schools instead of mosques. Build up universities instead of mosques. Build up cultural centers, interfaith organizations, aid organizations, hospitals instead of mosques.  When did Gulen urge this?  Interfaith organizations are about a "show" a speaker a presentation or some big award.  The Cultural and Interfaith centers of Gulen are about promoting 1 culture and 1 religion.  Then there is the photo and media opportunities that follow like the 1 time meeting with the late Pope John Paul II who had previously been shot by a Turkish nationalist.
SEVERSON: Supporters say Gülen owns nothing himself but has persuaded others to give generously to many independent organizations. Gulen's empire: Media (Today''s Zaman,Fountain Publishing, ERBU TV) education over 600 schools worldwide, Interfaith Dialog, insurance, banking, etc., is estimated to be $25 billion in worth.  Gulen lives very comfortably as the prisoner of his own empire NEVER leaving the Golden Foundation in Pennsylvania.
EBAUGH: The movement has become quite wealthy. It’s one of the richest movements in Turkey. It has private hospitals, it has all these private schools. There’s a big media industry, one of the biggest in Turkey. It has the Zaman newspaper. Kimse Yok Mu is one of the latest. That’s their relief organization. They help disaster victims all over the world. Thank you Ebaugh you at least admitt the movement is wealthy.  The relief organizations come with more schools and hospitals Turkish controlled worldwide. The children in these relief areas such as Pakistan, Congo, etc., are given red balloons with Turkey's flag on it and the Turkish flag to wave.  There is always a method to the Gulen madness.  Yes they did contribute to the IHH which sponsored the Flotilla. 
post04-gulenSEVERSON: Kimse Yok Mu and in the US Helping Hands contribute millions of dollars in humanitarian aid each year. Professor Ebaugh says in Turkey Gülen urged businessmen to grow their businesses and give a part of their earnings, as much as a third, to support humanitarian aid and education. The teachers and other "employees" that the Schools are bringing to the USA (Cosmos has immigrated over 1,100+ since 2001) Tuzuk (donate) over 40% of their salary back to the foundations like Cosmos, Raindrop Turkish House, Turquoise Council, Gulen Institute and more. Some go without pay as slave labor. 
EBAUGH: The movement is financed not only by these wealthy businessmen, but more importantly it’s financed by everybody in the movement. Everybody contributes, and the average seems to be about 10 percent.  Try 40% Tuzuk, this is why the schools don't want to hire Americans, they abuse the H1-b Visas to get reimbursements from their Gulen salaried slaves workers
ASLANDOWAN: I go beyond the expected level in my income level. For all of this my motivation is that just like God loves us as human beings we also should act in a manner that is pleasing to God. And I believe that all of these actions—charitable donations, volunteerism—are pleasing to God. That’s why I’m doing all of this.  Aslandowan are you one of the people that has privately loaned money to bail the schools out?  Whats this?......is this why the Concept Schools, Cosmos Foundation, et al are applying for Bond loans to pay back private debt? 
SEVERSON: Alp is a volunteer in charge of the Institute for Interfaith Dialog in Houston, which is located in the Raindrop Turkish House. This is a mockup of the projected interfaith center, which will include a Jewish synagogue, a mosque, and a Christian church. Gülen has always stressed the importance of interfaith dialogue to promote peace and has met with Pope John Paul II and reached out to leaders of many religious minorities. And he may have been the first Muslim leader to condemn the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Gulen met the late pope 1 time over 15 years ago, as a regular man in a suit not as a Imam in his prayer clothing.  Gulen brought Pope John Paul II a gift for his birthday, then a photo opportunity that the Gulen Movement still pushes off on people today (yawn) .  Talk about the current Pope Benedict and his remarks about Turkey and Islam.  Go make nice with the CURRENT pope. 
ASLANDOWAN: He immediately posted an ad clearly saying that this was an anti, a non-Islamic act. It’s not even a human act. The people who committed this are not Muslims; they can not even be called humans. He said Bin Laden is a monster and people around him are monster if they think like him.
SEVERSON: Alp Aslandowan says Gülen teaches that suicide attacks cannot be justified in Islam. Cultural and Education Jihad is what the Gulen Movement performs. 
ASLANDOWAN: Some people try to justify the killings, homicidal killings, by saying that those people who are engaged in those, they don’t have any other means, and he said that this is not a Muslim’s view. It cannot be a Muslim’s thinking, because for a Muslim if the end result, if the end goal is virtuous, worthwhile, holy, then the means should also be holy. Allah Akbar, Gulen does NOT SPEAK for 90% of the world's muslims.
SEVERSON: Professor Ebaugh says the movement could do better by placing women in leadership roles. Gülen is not without his critics.  As a whole the Gulen Movement is male centered and women have very secondary or low roles.  This is the Gulen Movement, which also believes in scarf wearing - hijabs.  Women have no place in the Gulen Movement.  Gulen himself never married and has no women around him.
EBAUGH: The big issue in Turkey for the critics is the fear that the movement is becoming very powerful, very wealthy, and that there is a sub rosa agenda to create an Islamic state, and they always compare it to Khomeini and Iran. Dear Ms. Ebaugh, you have no idea what we think in Turkey, every time you have been to Turkey PAID by the Gulen Movement, your trips are strategically guided to only staged areas.
MARTIN: I think there’s no warrant to the charges that Gülen wants to take over and impose Sharia law. I think that, frankly, is an absurd fear.  Gulen himself has stated "you must work into the arteries of the system without being noticed until you reach all power centers.  This article was an admission that the Harmony Schools in fact are influenced by Gulen and managed by known members of the Gulen Movement. Gulen wants to dominate education worldwide, and has already been thrown out of several countries and denied Charter School Applications in the USA.  the estimate worldwide is between 600-1,000 schools creating Turkish and Islamic Sympathizers so Turkey can finally dominate the areas of the Ottoman Empire again and gain a foothold on the economic resources in Africa, Central Asia and other areas.  If this is not about Gulen Expansionism then someone should tell the school to remove the Islamic Flag of Turkey. This is a Texas School in the Country of America, the flag of Turkey has no place in an American tax supported school. 
OKSUZ: The movement is neither sect nor cult. It is a civil society movement. It is politcal and religious as well as "social" Gulen is aligned with the current Islamic leaning AKP party of Turkey and on September 12th Gulen instructed his followers to vote "YES" Gulen is very much involved with politics and religion the civil society is only the means to control the political /religion in a country.  Hence, the reason Gulen was exiled out of Turkey. 
MARTIN: Sometimes they are accused of being a missionary, a missionizing entity. As far as I know, I don’t know anyone through the schools or otherwise that they’ve tried to turn into a Muslim.  The Turkish Character Classes are based on Gulen's Pillars of Wisdom, you will find that many of the books at the schools are printed at Gulen's publishing house Fountain Publishing.  
SEVERSON: For the time being, those who follow Gülen, both critics and admirers, seem to agree that he is leading one of the most important movements in Islam.  It is only important as it involves $billions of American money being washed and laundered with these numerous Gulen Foundations via the schools. Why do you think this article encompassed all the Gulen NGOs in Texas as well as the Harmoney Science Academies?
Thank you for finally showing everyone that the Harmony Science Academies are linked to the Gulen Movement.



  1. Funny red comments. Lots of hate, anger. What a pity.

  2. Anonymous no hate or anger here from Americans only the truth. "Truth" and transparency is something that Hizmet has a loose regard for. Such as the above predictable "fluff" from the Gulen Movement. But we are amused at how you are starting to include the Harmony Science Academies and other Gulen Charter Schools with the foundations, as this article nicely did Harmony Science with Raindrop Turkish House, Turquiose Council - et al ALL known groups of the Gulen Movement. Did we miss anything? Show us where we are not factual?
    Give our regards to Nathan Holl (his American Name) more about "Nathan" later.

    P.S. To Anonymous and Hizmet
    Funny predictable comments with lots of lying, sidestepping, and pathetic claims like 21,000 on a waiting list. What a shame.

  3. BTW- you might want to think about removing our Turkish Flag from the schools. It is inappropriate flying the Islamic Symbol of Turkey next to the Texas state Flag and the Flag of the USA. This is inappropriate as the school is 90% financed by American Tax dollars, it only proves how Hizmet is presuming they will have a stronghold on American education.
    Do you REALLY think Turkey would allow American schools to fly their flags out front of a school in Turkey?

  4. The flag part is true, but that building is not a school, it is a Turkish community center. Your comments in red color are nothing but a joke. Besides, a Gulen school student was the first to win a gold medal for Turkey in real international physics olympiads for secondary schools. Check the statistics baby.

  5. Anonymous, it seems we have struck a nerve with you. Still monitoring this site and wondering what is next?
    first of all, I am far from a "baby", your remarks sound like the typical dribble from the Gulenists trying to talk with American slang.
    Secondly, The comments in red are not a joke, they are true in factual. Your comment on the other hand is "generic" and "non-specific" (a trait of the Gulen movement)
    Lastly a "Gulen Student was the first to win a gold medal for Turkey in real international physics olympiads" Would you care to cite the article for it, we will gladly print it. We believe you are refering to a gulen school in Turkey- right?
    The last we read about Turkey was the student protests that Erdogan is blaming on Ergenekon and the scandals with cheating and fraud in the Turkish schools that internationally fall well below standard.
    If you want to dispute our remarks, please cite the references.
    But we are glad that your American schools have finally stopped the false advertisement of "Turkish scholars"
    Thought that one was going to slip by a bunch of dumb Americans didn't you?
    But thanks for your latest of postings, I am sure Tarim, Nathan et al will be mildly happy that someone is attempting to at least recognize that the schools are in fact 100% connected to the Gulen Movement, organically and ever which way. Good that your are defending the Gulen Schools on this Harmony Parent Truth blog. paradox? or oxymoronish?
    You are defending the very schools that the Harmony Science Academy claims they are not a part of.

  6. BTW- The same goes for the Principals offices and other administrative people. They have the flags of Turkey in their offices (although by now they have removed it)

  7. Dear Charle;
    My poor misguided Turkish friend. Having a 5th grade education shoots holes in Islamic Imam Gulen's hyper media label of being a "Turkish Scholar" lately your brothers have been calling him an "Islamic Scholar"
    Sorry but it makes a difference in AMERICA because we want our children to structure a discernable sentence and be leaders not followers of some mystic religion that is not even recognized by a majority of the World's Moslems.
    The problem that Americans have with Gulen is our tax money being used to promote Gulen's brand of education centered around Turkish Culture, Turkish Character and Turkish everything.
    Most Americans are naive about the Gulen Movement and this has afforded your group to sneak in under the radar of Americans. However, every day more and more Americans are questioning the aggression and infiltration of the Gulen Movement as it is an incidious cancer encroaching upon American culture and values.
    Yes we believe in diversity but not where we take the rights of Kurds, Alevis and Christian Minorities and the other true indigneous native people of what we call today the Republic of Turkey.
    Do not romance the notion, that American officials are not on to this and are investigating. When you steal tax money, and launder it between your numerous NGOs, then create more NGOs and co-mingle tax money to campaign contributions, H1-B visas, Turkish Trips and MANY other non-educational expenses...Yes we have the right to question your agenda which is universally under scrutiny.
    The Harmony Schools and other Gulen schools in America are far from being superior education.
    As such your posting is horrid grammar and not what we expect out of American children but then...you are not American are you.

  8. VP of Gulen associated school boardAugust 26, 2011 at 2:31 PM

    As a VP of the board of one of the "Gulen Schools" that you talk about, I know for a fact that our education systems (based on the Harmony system but not a part of it) is extremely high level. Many of the high school classes are taught on a college level and such programs as peer-to-peer mentoring (pairing honors students with low performing students) have been hugely successful. So far, all of the accusations I have seen have not been backed up by any factual data. All of the audits and budgets of these schools are available to the public if you contact the state education agency. If such allegations were to ever be proven true, Harmony and similar Turkish run charter systems guilty of the same charges would lose their charters and people in charge of finances would be going to prison (or at the very least deported). Also regarding H1B visas, yes we file for quite a few of them. Why? Because a legal percentage of our staff is Turkish. Why? Because they are the key to our success due to their enormous passion for teaching and the fact that many of them have graduate level degrees in education. We are also constantly opening up new schools and thus the need for MORE Turkish teachers. I am NOT Muslim. I am also NOT Turkish. I am an American citizen, I'm a former member of the U.S. Army, and I have a background in counter-terrorism research specializing in the Middle East. These people are NOT some evil Islamic conspiracy. I volunteered to be on the school board after I saw the level of dedication that the teachers at Harmony give to their students. There is NOTHING illegal about Turkish language classes. Your tax dollars go to all types of language classes everyday in public schools. You also have similar Chinese run charter schools in California that teach Chinese and Chinese culture. Big deal. Again, if you have specific information regarding misuse of finances, GO TO THE SCHOOL BOARD and report any wrong doing. I PROMISE YOU any such mishandling of finances will OUTRAGE the board and will result in some very quick action. As of now, I have yet to receive a SINGLE complaint regarding financial misconduct from any parent or teacher. There is nothing to hide and there is no secret conspiracy. I've known the Gulen people (Raindrop Foundation) for almost a decade and they've always been honest in all of my dealings with them. They are also definitely not extremists and practice an very moderate form of Sufism (a mystical sect of Islam) that falls along the lines of Rumi's teachings (a famous Turkish Sufi saint). Their religious beliefs, by the way, have NO, I repeat NO place in any of the charter schools. There is ZERO religious teachings. The closest thing we have are ethics classes which are amongst the most popular of our classes with parents. Anyone is welcome to come and sit in on a class by saying that they are a parent and would like to watch a typical class and tour the school (and talk to our teachers) so as to decide whether or not to bring their child there. Remember also that a large percentage of the teachers are Americans so it's not like some 100% Turkish run school. Spend some time around these people and you'll see them for who they are. If there is any on-going investigation, I welcome the FBI to do their job thoroughly in order to clear the names of these outstanding schools. If any misconduct is found, then I hope that the perpetrators will be identified and punished because from my vantage point, I have not seeing anything shady in our financial audits or in how we conduct business. The school board meetings are also open to the public and parents are welcomed to attend so they can see for themselves who things are conducted at the school board level. It's very transparent and again if there is ANY kind of wrong doing, it would only be from individuals doing something stupid that is hidden in the budgets where we can't see it. Again, this would be QUICKLY fixed if its brought to the attention of the school board.

  9. Thank you for responding, as you know your Turkish Gulen ran Charter School in Louisana HAS lost their charter mandate with the Abramson Science and Technology Schools. Just because you heavily advertise your schools as "award winning" (usually from your own Gulen owned or sponsored events like the Science Olympiad or the fact you PAY Public Relations Agent Karen Hughes to spin your schools as such means nothing) your word is much different than what is reported to the state and then there is a question of your "questionable" reporting of results.
    Believe us the FBI is doing their job, but so are the other agencies such as the USCIS, IRS, etc.,
    As far as your "high school" graduates go, so many drop out of the Harmony system that you have very very few that stay from the 9th to 12th grade. Your attrition rate is high as reported by author Greg Toppo of USA Today. Your Graduating seniors is less than 50.

    Then there is the issue of your financial mismanagement and issuing of bond financing that is suspect, your schools are a money pit and American people or businesses do not benefit. You can scream all day and report your lopsided academic achievements, but we all know they are average at best.
    Your post also mentions Rumi's Sufism or Gulen's brand of Islam. You are at least making progress and starting to associate yourselves with Gulen and that these schools are in fact Gulen Schools, inspired or elsewise.
    Your fancy word usage is not going un noticed by Americans and everyday parents, Americans are learning of your selfish agenda of sucking American money into your war chest. You care nothing about American children they are merely pawns in your quest to advance the Gulen Movement worldwide.
    If you cared two shits about the education of children,you would improve the education of Turkish Children in Turkey which is at the bottom of worldwide rankings. You and your brethren are too busy poping up business around these schools worldwide and advancing the TUSKON group as some kind of business partner with countries in the world.
    The only thing your group does is TAKE you do not give while hiding behind the children with "look what we have done for the children"

    Here is a question for you:
    Would you be willing to continue teaching/managing these charter Schools operated by KNOWN FOLLOWERS OF GULEN if you were not allowed to teach Turkish Dancing, language and not parade American children around in your 9+ ridiculous Turkish Olympiads?

    Answer that. Stop the Turkification and Americans might start trusting you. Start being proud of your lifetime affiliation with Gulen instead of ashamed of 5th grade educated Hocaefendi Fetos. Turkey doesn't want him, America doesn't want you....Maldive, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Netherlands, Greece, Azerbaijan, etc., don't want you.

    Soon, American politicians will have nothing to do with you. Already you have been given special and more clout because of your pushing through the political arteries. In fact, had you been American citizens opening these schools you would not be getting away with half of your crimes.

    Until the next board meeting, save your answers for the deposition.

  10. Dear,
    VP of Gulen associated school board. Just a little heads up of whom you are representing.

    Dear Raul ( Good phony name for a Turkish Gulenists you fool no one)

    This is by far the most dis-organized process of thought , obviously disturbing and yet over saturated ramblings of an incoherent paranoid delusional sick individual. I , myself or anyone else could summarize a text book nervous disorder and serious signs of mental illness. It is quite apparent that you wish to speak for the whole cult and therefore have an over whelming belief of a fragile and delicate reality that is slipping away. Unfortunately for you this mosaic of word salad that you wish call a blog brings to the attention of how truly "bizarre" your actions and foremost your disjointed process of any cognitive or rational thinking what so ever. Your benign and veiled accusations of certain groups you fantasize about is rather unbecoming. For you to be building castles in the air of certain mythical organizations that are out to get you as an adult of certain maturity we have to ask, are you really safe to be around young children?.... well maybe it would be best for the "Prince of Darkness" himself to give you your own personal assessment.....



  11. I am a student named Tamaraemomotimi Zuokumor I live in Katy Texas and go to a new Harmony School and In Math Counts It is only 2 Harmony schools and the rest are from the Fort Bend Area and they have not pressured Islam on me. I am
    Nigerian and Christian

  12. Very few Nigerian Christians left. Nice try but the Gulen Movement is also in Nigeria, they have schools and universities. Not to mention they are operating businesses. Nigerians walking down the street talking Turkish instead of their native tongue.
    Additionally, no one said they are indoctrinating to Islam, they are indoctrinating to Gulen's Movement. Are you speaking Turkish? Learning Turkish Dance? Performing like a trained little Janisarry in Ottoman culture. YEP you are being brainwashed, suppose you have been to Turkey too?

  13. I used to go to one of the Harmony Science Academy schools near the Houston area and now I'm going to a public school which is way better than that garbage school that taught nothing and where I knew more than the teachers.
    In this school I was required to take Turkish and they wouldn't let me take anything else. We also had to learn all of their customs and were forced to drink their tea and eat baklava. Also they would make all the other kids learn all the Turkish dances and their history. Thank god I wasn't that stupid to stay there and become brainwashed to be a little ISIS or all Qaeda soldier. These people are the reason we have troops in the middle east. These are the people that are killing civilian Americans such as those reporters in Iraq and the pilot from Jordan. I'm guessing these people came here after 9/11 but now can't leave cuz their leader Bin Laden is dead. These people should just go back to ISIS, Taliban and Al Qaeda. Fucking dirty ass Muslim terrorists.