Harmony Science Academy a Gulen Charter School

Harmony Science Academy in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are under the Cosmos Foundation. The Cosmos Foundation ran by Turkish Nationals who are known members of the Gulen Movement have abused many state and federal laws. Cosmos is the largest abuser of H1-B Visas for foreign teachers than the largest school district in America. Scratch your head and wonder why the Gulen Movement is getting away with reverse discrimination? Texas money crosses over state lines to support the other Gulen Managed charter schools, this is WRONG!! DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed bogus copyright infringement rights to UTUBE

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Harmony Science Academy- A Gulen "inspired" school, a concerned Texan writes

so glad i found you and your vids!
i live in texas, home of "harmony" schools, awwwww.... how sweet!
2 months ago, i had no idea. was driving on 620 here in austin, saw new construction with
a big sign, "harmony political science academy" the hairs on the back of my neck stood up!
wasn't sure why until i started searching, 10 minutes of searching and i was shaking and felt
like running into the street and banging on my neighbors doors, i just couldn't believe it.
i tell anyone who will listen but it sounds so crazy they look at me like i'm a kook!
i'm going to start calling local schools who are having their budgets cut, also want to get the union thugs involved as they will not allow a teachers union.
also the contractor is "solidarity construction", mostly turkish.
they were just approved for $60,000,000 in bonds for texas, i found this in public notice section in a houston paper, also discovered in the notice bond money for yet another one on hwy 183, just a few miles from the one on 620!
seems they started with math and science and will now teach the tool students how to infiltrate local government.
sorry about the rant, on a lighter note, i had an opportunity to go along on a delivery of heating equiptment to the school on 620. 1 well dressed turk tried to move it with a small forklift, he got stuck/bottomed out and another well dressed turk came with a bigger machine to haul his ass out! got a picture, it's very funny. if you like i will pass it on to you maybe for a future vid.
the steel workers that were there, not a turkish company, i checked, were laughing at them and also taking pix and vids from 3 stories in the air!
this school is going to look like a cross of the white house and capitol buildings, they've come along way, no abandoned stores are good enough any more.
thanx for your time,

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  1. Yes, the Gulen Movement in Texas has applied for a Harmony Science Academy of Political Science. What better way to shape the future of American Politics but to re write it with re engineering the way American children view politics, freedom of speech, paying bribes, etc., the Turkish way.
    they will probably give a class on how to silence your critics by rounding them up in prison.