Harmony Science Academy a Gulen Charter School

Harmony Science Academy in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are under the Cosmos Foundation. The Cosmos Foundation ran by Turkish Nationals who are known members of the Gulen Movement have abused many state and federal laws. Cosmos is the largest abuser of H1-B Visas for foreign teachers than the largest school district in America. Scratch your head and wonder why the Gulen Movement is getting away with reverse discrimination? Texas money crosses over state lines to support the other Gulen Managed charter schools, this is WRONG!! DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed bogus copyright infringement rights to UTUBE

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Harmony Science Academy, Cosmos Foundation: Evidence of Afflilation with the Gulen Movement

Persian proverb: Let no grass grow where a Turk has been

Harmony Science Academy, Cosmos Foundation: Evidence of Affiliation with the Gulen Movement

The publicly-funded Harmony Public Schools are spread across Texas and include branches named Harmony Science Academy, Harmony School of Innovation, Harmony School of Excellence, Harmony School of Nature and Harmony School of Advancement.  All are run by the Cosmos Foundation.

A re-enrollment form for Harmony Science Academy - Grand Prairie has meta-data showing the document title "Horizon Science Academy re-enrollment form."

Harmony School of Excellence in Houston has an identical mission statement to Gulen schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina (the former Yugoslavia), as well as Abramson Science and Technology School in Louisiana.

The newsletter of the Raindrop Turkish House, a Gulenist organization, states that at an opening ceremony for the Turquoise Center in Houston, a building housing Gulenist organizations, "a group of American students from the Harmony School of Innovation performed Turkish folk dances in traditional costume."

Students from Harmony and Cosmos Foundation schools participate in the Turkish Language Olympiads, and ISWEEEP, both Gulenist competitions.

Additional connections are shown by individuals with multiple affiliations across Gulen schools and organizations:

Fatih Ay
  • Principal, Harmony Science Academy - El Paso
  • Superintendent, Dallas area Harmony Public Schools
  • Defendant in Couch v Harmony federal civil rights lawsuit
  • Secretary, Rain Drop Foundation  (Gulenist organization)

Resul Aksoy
  • Cosmos Foundation
  • Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians   (Gulenist organization)

Veli Baysal

  • Co-leader of Brian Talbott's 2007 Turkey trip along with Ozgur Ozer and Soner Tarim  (Brian Talbott is with the Association of Educational Service Agencies); described in writeup of this trip as "associate" of Soner Tarim, the Superintendent of Harmony schools
  • Board Member, Houston Istanbul Sister City Association (Gulenist organization)
  • Rain Drop Foundation (Gulenist organization)
  • Participant at Raindrop Turkish House (Gulenist organization)
  • Author of article for Today’s Zaman (Gulenist newspaper)

Kaan Camuz
  • Harmony Science Academy - Austin
  • Dove Science Academy, Oklahoma    (Gulen charter school)
  • Petitioner for Dove School of Excellence – Springdale, a proposed Gulen charter school in Arkansas

Coskun Cetinkaya
  • Cosmos Foundation
  • Institute of Interfaith Dialog   (Gulenist organization)

Volkan Cicek
  • Harmony Science Academy
  • Teacher, Vice President, Dove Science Academy, Oklahoma  (Gulen charter school)
  • Institute of Interfaith Dialog (Gulenist organization)
  • Ishik University, Erbil, Iraq   (Gulenist institution)

Edip “Eddie” Ercetin

  • Harmony Science Academy - Houston
  • Raindrop Turkish House  (Gulenist organization)
  • Wrote 5 star review of Jill Carroll’s book "A Dialogue of Civilizations" on amazon.com  (The Gulen Movement asked Carroll to write this book; it gives a very flattering portrayal of Fethullah Gulen.)
Nihat Guvercin
  • Cosmos Foundation
  • Bergen Arts and Science Charter School, New Jersey   (Gulen charter school)

Ismet Isik

  • Harmony Science Academy
  • Rain Drop Foundation   (Gulenist)
  • Frontier School of Innovation, Missouri   (Gulen charter school)

Burnahettin Kuruscu
  • Harmony Science Academy
  • Raindrop Turkish House   (Gulenist)

Fatih Oner
  • Harmony Science Academy – Ft Worth
  • Turkish Cultural Center Queens    (Gulenist organization)

Mehmet Okumus

  • Harmony Science Academy
  • Cosmos Foundation
  • Board President of Raindrop Foundation  (Gulenist)
  • Chairperson of Texas Turkish American Chamber of Commerce  (Gulenist)
  • Turkish Olympiads   (competition run by the Gulen Movement)

Ozgur Ozer
  • Described as "associate" of Soner Tarim in writeup on Brian Talbott's 2007 Turkey trip; co-leader of this trip along with Soner Tarim and Veli Baysal
  • Wrote 5 star review of Jiill Carroll’s book "A Dialogue of Civilizations."  (The Gulen Movement asked Carroll to write this book; it gives a very flattering portrayal of Fethullah Gulen.)
  • Director of Education, Texas Gulf Institute  (Gulenist)
  • Author, Fountain Magazine (premier publication of the Gulen Movement in the US; Fethullah Gulen writes the lead article of each issue)
  • North American University  (Gulenist)

Hasan Sazci
  • Harmony Science Academy
  • Abramson Science and Technology School, Louisiana  (Gulen charter school)

Ibrahim Sel
  • Cosmos Foundation
  • Author, Fountain Magazine   (premier publication of the Gulen Movement in the US; Fethullah Gulen writes the lead article of each issue) has been a contributing writing with articles for Gulen's Fountain Magazine. 

Soner Tarim
  • Superintendent, Harmony Charter Schools
  • Cosmos Foundation
  • Leader of Gulenist Turkey trip of Brian Talbott: "With Dr. Tarim and his associates Veli Baysal (director of public relations, Raindrop Foundation, Houston, Texas) and Ozgur Ozer (principal, Harmony Elementary, Houston, Texas), we experienced the beauty of Turkey."
Hakan Yagci
  • Harmony Science Academy, Grand Prairie
  • Dove Science Academy, Oklahoma   (Gulen charter school)

Cafer "Jeff" T. Yavuz
  • ISWEEEP (organized by the Cosmos Foundation)
  • Guest speaker at an AMSP camp organized by the Accord Institute  (Gulenist organization affiliated with several Gulen charter schools in the western US)
  • Wrote 5 star review of Jiill Carroll’s book "A Dialogue of Civilizations."  (The Gulen Movement asked Carroll to write this book; it gives a very flattering portrayal of Fethullah Gulen.)
  • Pacifica Institute  (Gulenist)
  • Coordinator of Gulen Conference in Los Angeles
  • Secretary, Representative, Institute of Interfaith Dialog, Houston  (Gulenist)
  • Speaker at interfaith dinner, Institute of Interfaith Dialog, Little Rock Arkansas
  • Lists Muhammed Cetin of the Institute of Interfaith Dialog as a non-academic reference   (Cetin is a major figure in the Gulen movement)
  • Studied at Yamanlar Lisesi    (Gulenist high school)
  • Wrote two articles for Fountain Magazine  (premier publication of the Gulen Movement in the US; Fethullah Gulen writes the lead article of each issue)

Zekeriya Yuksel
  • Harmony Science Academy - San Antonio
  • Dove Science Academy    (Gulen charter school)


  1. this is totally planned defamation. nobody will believe that shit

  2. Dear Anonymous;
    Would you care to point out "specifics" of what is untruthful?
    Why would this be defamation? We are merely reporting the truth from public records, archives, IRS filings and newspaper articles. Most of this is already readily available.
    Please point out what is untrue.
    Thank you
    your friend at Gulen is a Fraud

  3. P.S.
    We allow your anonymous posting and in the spirit of open communication are sharing it with others.

  4. Gulen movement is not a secret, and has no secret aims. It is a movement of volunteers to serve mankind. Because, that's what Islam urges its believers to do, in order to seek the Divine Accreditation. Nothing but our good will have any meaning in this world, because whatever material we achieve, we won't be able to enjoy it forever. Because, we all gonna die one day. But, our good deeds will be recorded in our record books, which will indeed serve us back in the world Hereafter. Of course, if your believe in one.

  5. Thank you for showing a brave side of the Gulen Movement. However, as Dr. Hendricks, Dr. Ebaugh and many others have stated from their research on the Gulen Movement. Most of your brothers are not so willing to speak about being involved with Hizmet.
    Many ex members of the movement have also informed us of "keeping secrets" and how this is center to the Gulen Movement. As such the members have no roster, the investors and investments are not kept on record. And few (especially those involved with the schools) will NEVER speak about how these schools are part of the worldwide Gulen Movement. The methods of Interfaith dialog, roping in politicians, media and academia for Free dinners, and trips to Turkey as well as those multitude of "Gulen awards" is how the movement gains some loose following in the countries or states they choose to expand in.
    The truth is out, it is only a matter of time before your brothers are honest to Americans about their agenda and goal to dominate education in America and worldwide.
    Yes, I believe in the Hereafter but my belief is not to dominate the world while I am here on earth. Gulen has a very secret aim, as such the schools would rather deny and fight back than admitt the obvious. Such as your luke-warm admission. This again is nothing new or special it is what we are seeing worldwide, deny, deny, deny especially where there is governmental money involved. We tend to believe the people in the FBI and CIA regarding the Gulen Movement.

  6. Lastly, the methods of manipulation from the Gulen Movement have been from cajole, bribery, blackmail, intimidation to just plain "trust me I am just a pious Turk" wanting to improve the world ACCORDING TO MY BELIEFS AND THE WAY GULEN FEELS IT SHOULD BE.


  8. Gözlerimizi ve Hizmet açık ve Allah Fethullah Gülen'in planlarına bağlı olarak gelişir. Allah Gülen Hareketi ile hiçbir ilgisi yoktur. Bu Fethullah Gülen ve onun büyük hırs kontrol üzeredir

  9. To English only people;
    We are saying above that Allah has nothing to do with the Gulen Movement. Hizmet is about Fethullah Gulen's grand ambition not about life according to Allah.

  10. I was excited to find out about the Harmony School in Pflugerville. I thought it was a private school and was glad to discover that it is a charter school. After doing my initial research via the school's own website and taking a tour of the facility, I was certain it was the place I wanted to send my daughter. I didn't mind the Turkish people I met but did wonder if it was statistically probable to have so many in one school. So, I did further research and it has lead me to the Gulen Movt. information.

    My concern is not that the schools are involved with the movement, that much has been clearly shown. I guess what I'm wondering is how much that really matters. Ok, aside from the money issue. Is it just about the tax dollars being spent on this is does it go deeper?

    I'm against religion in general, although I was reared in a Christian home. I just think organized religion is dangerous. But I wonder how people would respond if the Cosmos Foundation was run by a bunch of Christian followers of some big name evangelist. Would it still be a huge issue? Probably not, except to people who are specifically anti-God or anti-Christian. I think people would praise the efforts.

    Just food for thought.

    I still have not made up my mind about sending my daughter to the school. I don't like the idea that I'm being bamboozled, but I also don't want to suffer from xenophobia.

    Weighing the pros and cons, but I have time to figure it all out.

    Best of luck to us all. And let's all try to remember that, our religions aside, we are human beings. We're all in this together.

  11. Julianne; You are again Hizmet shamelessly acting like an American throwing around "Xenophobia" and American slang and it will not work.
    You are not American!
    Food for thought for you, no one cares about the Gulen Movement except the lengths this group takes to deny the undeniable. It is fruitless for your group to continue the lying and only destroys your credibility further and will keep you from your goal of 600 American schools to create a generation of Turkish / Ottoman Sympathizers.
    Honestly, Julianne or Mustafa or whatever your real name is....no one gives a shit if you want schools to teach the Turkish Kolbasti and other nonsense just keep your schools private as Christian Schools have.
    Your playing "victim" will not work, as your groups has been the largest abusers of H1-B visas and creating unemployment with credentialed teachers in America. Not to mention how you destroy the local economies bypassing American companies while granting your million dollar contracts and bids to ONLY members of your group: lunch catering, janitorial, construction, even the construction of the ridiculous Turkish costumes the kids wear at Gulen's Turkish Olympaid along with the USA Flags and Islamic Flag of Turkey.
    On another note, your group has many enemies it is not wise or safe for any American child to attend your schools. Such as this weekend your Sonoran Science Academy on the Davis-Munson Airforce base was on lock down because of a person detected on base with an AK-47 assault rifle. You will not win in America, you are losing in Central Asia, and have already been thrown out of Russia, Greece, Uzbekistan, and are now in a lot of trouble in Senegal, Africa and under investigation in Netherlands and many, many other places. Your group shouldn't go where you are not wanted. Alas, if you must - then use part of Gulen's $52 billion and leave tax money alone for your incidious Agenda. Or another novel idea, fix Turkiye's schools as they are among the worst in the world.

    P.S. majority of the schools that the Gulen followers are managing in the USA are in poor, economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Many African and Mexican AMerican students who's parents wouldn't be this sophisticated with graspig who and what Hizmet is. Keeping people in the dark won't last forever, everyday Americans are discovering who exiled Imam Fethullah Muhammed Gulen REALLY is.


    Thank you for the urls below...only wish you had sent them much earlier.
    Although I thought I had researched this fraud as much as possible, I see
    that I missed these goodies you offer below..thanks for sending them. I
    especially liked this one here.....


    I now have a better understanding of how you really feel about
    this guy...I guess some of the things you said were oblique and made
    me think that you didn't realize the greater threat beyond the fraud's
    theivery and quest for money and power...this makes more sense now..but
    I do think it goes beyond the garden variety of money and power..he wants
    to use his religion as the club that ensures the money and power and this
    is where dhimmtude enters the picture if this satan gets his way. I really
    enjoyed the above piece on the interfaith dialog BS..and it is all BS!

    I was invited to go on a trip to Turkey to be paid by the school where i taught,
    but I declined. As a woman alone over there I would not have felt safe.
    THe men have no problem with keeping women in burkas all the meanwhile
    these guys have their bigtime slave trades all over Turkey where they can
    beat, rape women whenever the brute urge strikes them. NPR had a good
    show on that months ago. Perhaps you can view it from the NPR website.

  13. Crazy Fraud fan club commentator! I just wanna ask you what you do for the good of humanity? Have you ever made any contribution to anything. All you do is just black propaganda which means nothing to me and to many others. We look at rational things, tell me either something rational....or just do not waste our time.

  14. Anonymous, let me tell you what we do.
    We speak PROPER English and teach that to OUR children
    We educate parents, teachers, politicians about your ridiculous group.
    We are trying to get Turkish schools in Turkey better equipped to be competitive on the world rankings.
    We do not waste your time (obviously) as you spend hours on our blog reviewing ALL the news casts ABOUT your silly group.
    We educate the world that there are good Turkish people that want Freedom of SPEECH and not putting innocent journalists in jail.
    We are sympathetic to your ex-gulen members who have defected AFTER being sold lies in your Fetos Lighthouse schools.
    We show compassion to those that are leaving the Gulen Movement and want to turn in testimony in exchange for not being implicated for tax fraud, h1-b visa fraud, and other unscruplous disasters your schools have been involved in.

    We care about our fellow man, not about pushing the Gulen agenda.

    You on the other hand need an education on communication and who Fetos really is. You have never met him and never will because he lives in seculsion in America after he fled Turkey. If you are being told something else, it is a lie.

    You say you are "rational" look at the fact you are just little foot soliders for the Imams Ordusu, you will NEVER be rich or part of Gulen's Golden Generation because it will never happen. Also look at the fact Fetos hides out and never leaves his compound because he is under house arrest under safe keeping by the CIA which also uses your silly group to create havok with other TRUE Moslems Sunni and S'hia.

    Any more questions we can answer for you?

    P.S. We really hope you have your exit visa waiting.

  15. P.S. we must really strike a nerve with the Gulen Movement. Your futile attempts at fighting back will not win against Americans.

    We are united. We are one.
    Maybe you should try uniting Turkey. So many hate Fetos--hence this is why he hides like a rat in the Poconos.

    See you at the next board meeting.

  16. Sorry another postscript for you Anonymous;

    Would you care to debate the evidence of affilation instead of attacking the people that are exposing you?

    Start addressing the issues and not the straw man argumentation it will not work.

  17. My children have gone to HSA for 4 yrs.I was happy at first because it was better than our public school.But now one of my children has been assaulted three times by another student.The other child has even took scissors to four different kids.They have not done anything to help my child.Nor have they started the college coarses they said they were going to have.No taleration and higher education I am not sure they even understand the words.

  18. Thank you for sharing, we hear these same things about conduct of some of the students. As a whole the Gulen followers that manage these Charter Schools in the USA are not trained on disciplinary measures and many have not even shown up in the classroom as in the case of the Cosmos Foundation schools in Louisana Abramson Math and Science Academy that has recently been taken over by their Recover School District.
    We have stories of students cutting themselves, and even bringing guns to school (reported by an ex-teacher) They were ill prepared to handle Americans socially and think the answer is putting Turkish Culture into America.
    Not so fast............
    Many of the schools cream out the poorer performing students to re shape their numbers, as with this group outer appearances is VERY important. They spend a lot on PR, Marketing and advertising their "champion" schools winning awards at the Gulen owned or sponsored events.

    Check out http://www.gulenschoolsworldwide.blogpsot.com
    and learn of the Gulen schools worldwide where controversy follows them ...
    BTW did you know they re cycle names of schools?
    There is a Cosmicus School in the Netherlands that is owned and operated by Gulenists.
    There is Horizon, Fountain, etc., all names they use in the USA.

    Lately Harmony is trying to prove they are a "public" school by calling themselves "Harmony Public Schools" good luck with that one.

  19. Today, 24 December, 2011, I letter showed up from the Harmony schools. The information looked interesting and might be a place to send my daughter for kindergarten. I decided to go ahead and look at the website mentioned and then research the Cosmos Foundation. I'm glad I did just that now.

    I have no problem with what the school stands for but when I start finding out from sources like the NY Times and then your blogs here things change. The fact the school actually attempts to hire teachers from Turkey, at least 10 positions opened in Texas alone recently, has me really wondering.

    Has there been attempt to have the schools certification pulled in Texas or any other state yet?

  20. These schools over advertise with mailings, door hangers, commercials, etc., they are big on outer appearances but what lies under neath is what is to be questioned by all.
    Cosmos Foundation has migrated over 1,300 H1-b Visa unqualified teachers from Turkey in the last 10 years. Many don't work at the Texas schools, and some are at the service companies like their janitorial companies or catering.
    Their school certification is being investigated, but more importantly their finances which are fishy. In the last 3 years alone the Cosmos Foundation has had over $6 million in travel expenses on their 990 tax returns which can be examine for free after you register at http://www.guidestar.com this is non-educational expenses and suspect since the Gulen Movement owns travel agencies as well.

    Surely you know of all the free trips to Turkey for academia, members of media, politicians and school students.
    All the schools are under investigation by USCIS, FBI, IRS and other governmental agencies. If they are clean they have nothing to worry about, if they are not they will.

    Please note the Abramson Science and Technology school in Louisana (under the Pelican Education and Cosmos Foundation) has had their charter taken away and the RSD (Recovery School District) is now managing it.
    2 days ago it was announced that the schools in Georgia under the Cosmos Foundation and Grace Institute - Fulton Science Academy were denied a renewal on their charter application.
    They now must apply to the State of Georgia. They too have gotten bond financing $18 million like the Texas Harmony Schools have.
    It is good you do your research and not fall for advertising, marketing and hype.
    If you are counting it is 74 of their schools denied or not renewed and 35 of their charter school applications are pending.
    go to http://www.gulencharterschools.weebly.com for more information on this and the legal issues these school have had. The controversy will not go away until Hizmet does

  21. Archer it is interesting that you have a new blog name. Even if you are part of Cemaat, it doesn't matter. 99% of what is posted here and on other websites about Gulen and his schools is taken from news articles, government documents, their school newsletters, IRS documents. Nothing here is contrived or a lie as the movement would have people believe. No Conspiracy Theories just fact.

  22. we had just had one one of these Harmony Science academies take over a gone out of business grocery store in a low economic and failing area in Euless,Texas. They miust be desparate, their ADs for employment say BA required and not listing of certification,background check ect. When we passed by today, my friend commented "Oh this is a public school" I said to him, "that is what they kind of lead ya to believe" I knew from the start that this was some kind of movement and foreign to boot. I just found this blog and my gut was right. God where and what are these working parents leaving their children wide open for all day? Scary thought.

  23. http://www.austinchronicle.com/news/2012-09-28/the-life-and-death-of-schools/

    This might be of interest to you if you are anywhere near Austin. The Gulen Movement does take over ex-Car Lots, old grocery stores and closed down Catholic Schools. Very sad but true. They house the school cheaply in one of these places paying rent/lease, they then build a new school with the MILLIONS they recieve for construction and use their own vendor to pocket and money launder most of the money.