Harmony Science Academy a Gulen Charter School

Harmony Science Academy in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are under the Cosmos Foundation. The Cosmos Foundation ran by Turkish Nationals who are known members of the Gulen Movement have abused many state and federal laws. Cosmos is the largest abuser of H1-B Visas for foreign teachers than the largest school district in America. Scratch your head and wonder why the Gulen Movement is getting away with reverse discrimination? Texas money crosses over state lines to support the other Gulen Managed charter schools, this is WRONG!! DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed bogus copyright infringement rights to UTUBE

Friday, September 10, 2010

Harmony Science Academy- Photos of Gulen from Turkish people

Gulen burning.
We have spoken to many true democratic loving Turkish people who do not wish to be pulled into an Islamic darkness of the former Ottoman Empire. There is understandable many Turkish secularists and kemalists that despise Fethullah Gulen or as they call him "Fetosh" Here are some fun photos of Pasha Gulen


  1. I am truly upset their is such a blog like this and disgusted my these pictures. But most of all i am upset that you or anybody can misunderstand such Scholar, a man that works to change this world for the better educationally and spiritually. I highly suggest you or anybody look more into the Gulen Movement and try to better understand it. His work do not have any intention of ill results and understandings, and if their are those than it is some of his followers that have carried out his ideas and plans ineffectively or have misunderstood in the first part. I also do apologize for any of the harshness you have felt or went through when your child attended one of his schools. It would never have been his intention of such representation and acts. But please do misunderstand such a great Scholor for some ignorant followers or faculty or whatever.

  2. Yes the pictures are very telling,how majority of Turkey's citizens despise the Gulen Movement. Hence, the REAL reason Islamic Imam Fethullah Muhammed Gulen has fled and is under lock and key (seclusion) at the Golden Generation compound in Poconos, PA USA.
    We understand the Gulen Movement (Hizmet, Cemaat) as well as we need to. There is nothing different than David Koresh, Jim Jones, Jim Baker, Rev. Sun Moon, Scientology or any other cult our country has had to deal with.
    Truly believe there are many good intentioned and naive Gulen followers who believe Gulen's propaganda.
    Here are some thoughts for you.
    If Gulen is a so-called "Scholar" can you verify his place of higher education, according to the CIA and Gulen's green card application which was initially DENIED. Gulen possess no extraordinary talents and has a 5th grade education

    Secondly, Without a doubt the charter schools that have had the controversies and scandals are managed by KNOWN followers of the Gulen Movement. Why the lying? Lack of transparency?
    We know Hocaefendi instructs you to guard secrets as you guard your chastity. But should you NOT be proud to admit you are part of Cemmat?

    Lastly, Wouldn't the honorable thing be to straighten out the schools in Turkey who are the lowest in International rankings. Rather than professing to be Turkish scholars of some sort that know "Math and Science" why don't you get Turkey's kids educated and boost up their international rankings?

    The Gulen Lighthouses are not about education but about cranking out Gulen Sympathizers as you are. Hopefully you can get an education away from the Gulen Movement and get out as many before you have.

    In closing, you have NEVER met Fethullah Gulen and never will. The image you know is the one that is propagandized by his writers at Today's Zaman, ERBU TV and his other media controlled outlets. Do not pretend to know the heart of a man that will not show his face or that his followers are too embarassed to be proud of and admit their affilations with Hocaefendi Fetos.

    Thank you for your comment, but your schools are not wanted in the USA. More are being denied than accepted.

    Dancing the Kolbasti is hardly something a kid can put on a resume.